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9 thoughts on “Fender Guitars Trailer

  1. Thank you.
    also a trailer with a wall of marshall amplifiers ?

    1. :) … I had already realized for ETS2 a Marshall Trailer … soon it will return in its motherland :)
      Stay tuned …

  2. Well done. Liked this one so much I added Gibson and Marshall too. Thank you for sharing your time and energy.

    1. You’re welcome mate ! … and thank you for your good words. :)

  3. Amazing trailers, man! Pure quality right here! I made a quick video with your Fender trailer so people can check how nice they look

    1. Thanks a lot mate ! … In your video the trailer looks a lot better than in my game … what video card have you on ? I prefer a more realistic colors (no HDR on my game ) but the result on your is … astonishing ! Thanks. :)

      1. Hi! I’m using a GTX 970. I do have HDR on. But yeah, I like how your trailers look. The don’t look flat like most. The ripples really make them standn and of course, the design you made.

  4. So far all your trailer mods I have work like a charm and as a musician I especially like the ones with themes like this.

    1. Glad you like them … and about the fact they work, I hope it’s so … because I spend some time testing them before release (picking and trucking them and verifying the correct behavior in traffic also) … :) … however your reporting is very appreciated. Cheers ! :)

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