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17 thoughts on “Faymonville Heavy Pack v 2.0

  1. Blade1974!
    Скажите на милость, на кой хрен нужен такой пакет трейлеров, которых нет в трафике?
    Tell me at the mercy, why the hell do you need such a package of trailers, which are not in traffic?

  2. Trucker Berry

    too much tires.

  3. Nj trucker

    Nice trailer pack. cans wait to pull with me heavy spec W-900

  4. Alexandre Lebrun

    no crash game this version ?

  5. I’ll wait until SCS actives trailer steering axles on ATS seeing they are not working on this mod.

  6. Yeah game crashes aye… shame :(

  7. RiTrucker

    A stolen mod is still a stolen mod and to the poster, I simply say, take this down and go away. ESPECIALLY when you upload a broken stolen mod. You are just the worst of the worst.

  8. Alexandre Lebrun

    crash game again bad mod trailers …

  9. Blade1974
    I agree with the opinion of Groningen263
    I am eager to see these trailers also in traffic

  10. ats-trucker

    no steering axles

    1. Yes! It is impossible to use! Pity!!

  11. Works just fine for me

  12. I love the mod! but it has issues, the hitch needs to be re designed because at speed on the highway if the truck and trailer leans just a little bit the trailer bottoms out and you loose alot of speed also the trailers aren’t heavy enough, 65 ton needs to be changed to 200ton+, if you could add a feature to pick the weight that would be awesome and have the max weight 650ton.If the trailer could be completely re designed like the Drake 7×8 flatbed that would be amazing but apart from that the mod is amazing! I love the self turning and the look of the trailer. I red a comment saying the trailer needs less axles… that person can off back to ##### vill because this is heavy haulage vill where you GO HARD OR GO HOME.

  13. perfect

  14. Portenaert Guy

    Faymonville Heavy Pack v 2.0 m’intéresse

  15. Portenaert Guy

    Bonjour, est il possible de télécharger ce mod déjà décompressé ?

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