Exhaust Smoke & Al Traffic

Exhaust-Smoke-&-Al-Traffic-1 Exhaust-Smoke-&-Al-Traffic-2 Exhaust-Smoke-&-Al-Traffic-3

This mod modifies the original Kenworth W900-Peterbilt 579_Kenworth T680 and adding smoke off all exhausts including traffic Al

After you install smoke continuously.
Tested version

In the archive there is a dds texture just in case if someone need less soot!
Replace in fashion archive, in the folder : model /particle

Please respect the copyright and the original download link.

Authors: Scs, Ghostlord


15 thoughts on “Exhaust Smoke & Al Traffic

  1. I do not understand why developers do not make it in 18 steel wheels. there was super this smoke is horrible no matter you press on the gas or not he always go

  2. There should be no smoke unless you are stepping on the accelerator. If it is smoking while it is standing still then you have an engine problem. I agree with Ev this is one thing they should have addeed from their other games.

  3. check the game spintires on youtube to see real exaust like shoud be

  4. Mod is not bad but need finishing. For example; on the open road, the smoke was too dark and black as if all the trucks with damaged engines, and another when the engine does not work, then you should not see the smoke. With that in my opinion should be done mode for all trucks (Argosy, Peterbilt 386, 389.387, Kenworth K100, K200, T2000, Volvo VNL, VNL 670), and other modified trucks that were made for ATS. Then the mod was really first class. Good luck and greetings.

  5. @Dado-J @Redneck50 It is impossible to make realistic behavior for the smoke (smoking when accelerate / no smoke when engine off) cause the game itself does not features these atribute or code to make that match. The only way is full smoke or no smoke at all.

    1. That’s why I said they should have known to add that since they did have the smoke in their other games. That is one thing American trucks are known for is the smoke rolling out of the stacks when you accelerate. They would make a lot of people happy if they would fix that.

  6. BassieenAdriaan


  7. that’s because SCS have lazy people working for them.Spintires is a low budget Game and they managed to Give there trucks Smokes and Tire Physics

    1. RegularJohn53

      It runs on a completely different engine.

  8. Todor Alin

    Agreed that the SCS engine don’t allow a realistic behaviour for smoke.
    But if you change in “unit\hookup\smokeken.sii” file the relative_space attributes to false will result a smoke trails with a length depending of the vehicle speed (and almost no smoke when stopped)

    1. Changin the line relative_space to false makes no smoke at all, no matter speed or what, there’s no smoke anymore.

  9. can you update this for latest version as I get Red wheels on the trucks on traffic

  10. Хороший мод но надо дорабатывать, дым идёт при выкл двигателе и т.д. уже описанные выше

  11. can you update this for latest version

  12. where and how do you install smoke continiosly

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