Exhaust Smoke & Al Traffic for ATS 1.28

Date 2017-09-19 19:16

This mod modifies the original Kenworth W900-Peterbilt 579-Peterbilt 389-Kenworth T680
and adding smoke off all exhausts including traffic Al

After you install smoke continuously.

Tested version 1.28

In the archive there is a dds texture just in case if someone need less soot!
Replace in fashion archive, in the folder : model /particle

Enjoy the mod!



10 Responses to Exhaust Smoke & Al Traffic for ATS 1.28

  1. BahamutX

    Thanks man finally get updated.please keep this updated when new version are out.i wish SCS WOULD add the support a smoke system.

    • Tavi959

      Why would they when modern trucks do not smoke? Modern trucks, as of 2011, are designed to literally shut themselves down before allowing that level of pollution go out the exhaust pipe. The EPA prohibits these systems being overridden or disabled.

      This mod represents a bygone age in trucking and all the default trucks are brand new. At best it’s only justifiable with the Peterbilt 389 and Kenworth W900L, assuming they’re glider kits with pre-EPA 04 engines.

  2. Gage

    Can we get this on steam. This would be an awesome mod to have thanks. Keep up the good work

  3. Great addition !!!
    I would like to see this in Steam

  4. Hulk


  5. ManiaX

    It’s possible to you to add smoke exhaust to peterbilt 389 by viper2 ???

  6. These mods are fine but smoke shouldn’t be coming out when your truck isn’t even running.

  7. Michiel

    Doesn’t work with version 1.29

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