Exclusive ATS content


Inside SCS Software and 1 hour with American Truck Simulator. These videos is about unreleased SCS software content (Scandanavian Map DLC, Mercedes-Benz MP4 truck, American Truck Simulator and others).

This video presents SCS Software office, team and demonstrating how they are creating a game. Also presents model and model animation systems.

Second video is most about Scandinavia Map DLC.

This video presents American Truck Simulator map, features from developers eye.

Interview with Pavel Sebor about American Truck Simulator, ETS 2. Gameplay demonstration.

And the most important video ATS gameplay!

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2 thoughts on “Exclusive ATS content

  1. Robby Murray

    Thanks SCS and Paul for a very entertaining look behind the scenes and letting us see American TS Development as well Looking forward to the future Cheers Robby….

  2. nice good woork impresive!!!!!

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