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Enhanced Vegetation v1.0

Date 2017-08-05 19:14

This mod replaces textures for vegetation around the map of ATS. If you like taking cool pictures and want to take a fresh look at the world of ATS, then this mod is for you! All vegetation textures have been sharpened and saturated, plus a new texture for a tree model.

FYI: the screenshots for this mod have been taken while using FRKN64’s Reaslitic Graphics Mod with Darker Graphics Add-on, brightness set on 40% and Color Correction turned off. Alongside with my other mods: New Mountain Textures and Realistic Roads.

In version 1.0:
– New texture for a tree model most commonly used around the game world (ash tree textures)
– All vegetation textures have been sharpened, saturated and color corrected for a more realistic look
– Spruces in the forests now have a little darker tone
– Cypress Arizona tree now has a little dark blue-ish tone, like in real life
– Palo Verde tree now has a bright green tone, like in real life
– Some desert grass has been paled a little

Works with map mods. Tested on ATS v1.6 and 1.28 beta



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  1. FRKN64’s+Reaslitic+Graphics+Mod+is+not+for+Beta+1.28.+Is+a+new+version+coming?

  2. Russian beast

    I think it was a not good idea. The original vegetation was made in the manner of Paul Cézanne. You reduced it to the low artistis level. Too meny details deform scale and definition in depth. (In my subjective opinion.)

  3. Rick8090

    Excellent mod slavsan93, now I have all three of your mods and they look awesome. Thanks!!!

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