Engine Idle Torque and sound Fix

The purpose of this mod is to approximate the real-world off-idle torque behaviour of the class 8 turbodiesels used in these trucks.

With this mod you’ll find you won’t be needing to use the accelerator on a standing start from the lower gears under ‘most’ circumstances, excepting extreme loads and inclines.

On a level surface with gross loads approaching 80,000lbs and using the 18 speed box, you’ll likely be able to move off without accelerator in about 3L or 4L.

On inclines, you’ll be able (excepting for extreme load or incline) to get moving by selecting an appropriately low gear and while holding the brake pedal down slowly releasing the clutch until it begins to engage (until RPM drops to ~500), then release the brake and apply accelerator while slowly letting out the rest of the clutch to move off.



2 thoughts on “Engine Idle Torque and sound Fix

  1. Fury6, big thanks!

  2. Top mod, a big thank you Fury6!

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