Engine add-on Pack v 1.2


Engine add-Pack v1.2 (2016-11-04 Update)
– add peterbilt_389 engine
– Same as the engine list below

Engine add-Pack v1.1 (2016-05-26 Update)
– add 2,000HP (t680, w900, 579)
– fix price
– fix unlock​

Engine add-on Pack v1.0
– def Engine +
– add Realistic engine name, hp, torque
– add Others engine
– fix engine name
– fix info torque
– fix price
– fix unlock​

Engines list
– kenworth t680
260hp Paccar PX-7 720-1300 lb-ft torque
300hp Paccar PX-9 1000-1400 lb-ft torque
355hp Paccar MX-12 1250-1700 lb-ft torque
400hp Paccar PX-9 1250-1400 lb-ft torque

– peterbilt 579 (389)
240hp Paccar PX-7 560-1600 lb-ft torque
330hp Paccar PX-9 1000-1400 lb-ft torque
425hp Paccar MX-11 1450-1000 lb-ft torque
475hp Cummins ISX 15 1750-1100 lb-ft torque

– kenworth w900
310hp Cummins ISX12 1150-1650 lb-ft torque
400hp Cummins ISX15 1450-2050 lb-ft torque
475hp Caterpillar C15 1800-2100 lb-ft torque
580hp Caterpillar C15 1800-2100 lb-ft torque

– The same engine (t680, 389, 579, ,w900)
698hp, 745hp, 845hp,898hp, 998hp, 1198hp, 1443hp, 1647hp(w900)


*Do you use with the base engine.
* Updating mode and activate the mod description

scs, k1msign


One thought on “Engine add-on Pack v 1.2

  1. I don’t see any new engine for the Peterbilt 389

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