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Emergency vehicles USA traffic (1.6)

Date 2017-04-25 19:31

Adapted for version 1.6 ATS and gathered in one fashion:

Separate state Highway Patrol cars (upd. 14.02.17)
Authors: Keeper & gabenz88

Ambulance and fire truck traffic v1.1 (upd. 14.03.16)
Authors: SCS, Solaris36.
The mod adds in traffic in an ambulance and a fire truck with working special signals (flashing lights and sound)

The police on duty
Author: Todor Alin.
Mod adds to the traffic police car with constantly included special signals

Test version

The Assembly and adaptation: wik412


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3 Responses to Emergency vehicles USA traffic (1.6)

  1. klever

    Tupid drivers waiting for the gree lamp.
    Remove the speed limite for emergency care. Please.
    (30km/h q:-))

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