EcoBoost 8-speed GearShift for T680&W900


Hi. I made new transmission mod. “EcoBoost 8-speed GearShift”.
By optimized gear ratios, you can get smooth acceleration and save the fuel.
Actually, I did it, 57.5L/100miles to 56.4L/miles.

Forward; 8-speed
Reverse; 3-speed
Retarder; 6 steps
Only for Kenworth T680&W900.

Hope enjoy trucking with this transmission. Thank you ;)



4 thoughts on “EcoBoost 8-speed GearShift for T680&W900

  1. swiftrans

    i use this tranny with adaptive tranny mode and whenever a light turns green and i open full throttle the tranny sticks in D2 and climbs up to 2300 then just continues to sit in D2 instead of shifting so i have to get out the throttle by 50% in order for it to shift and i know its not the adaptive tranny mode because all the other trannies ive use even it Adaptive Automatic Mode on the truck will shift at 2k all the time when im full throttle but can you take a look at the 8 speed because its not shifting from D2 when throttle is wide open.

  2. Blackspots

    I’ve gotten MUCH better fuel economy in game with the default transmissions, when going approx 65-75MPH (104-121kph) when on the highways, usually getting around 6-8MPG (39.2L/100km to 29.4L/100km)

    1. swiftrans

      i get the same problem too default trannies get me better fuel economy before using this 8 speed i used the 10 speed auto with the same AAT mode and i had a fuel econ of 6.3 now with this 8 speed its 5.2 my driving hasnt change i drive the same routes just to make sure and its no good

  3. If you want to save fuel and keep the acceleration,just buy 13 or 18 speed with taller final drive
    this mod is pointless

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