East Dump Genesis v 1.2

Dro Modding Presents East Dump Genesis updated For 1.6
More updates to come in the future I have two more variants in mind I still want to add 😅
This mod is 100% Error free In the game log if you have any problem it is most likely a conflicting mod. I only ask that you don’t re upload keep the original link. And please don’t just thank me there are alot of people who made this project possible.
Credits: Bora, William, Corey#03, Guidot, Corby, MacTen, Dro Modding
Photo Cred Kyle ATS
Google Doc:


Happy Haulin

Bora, William, Corey#03, Guidot, Corby, MacTen, Dro Modding | Photo Cred Kyle ATS


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8 thoughts on “East Dump Genesis v 1.2

  1. jorgent97

    Hd test…

  2. Good job but i wish you to change chrome material with something else. Maybe you can make it skinnable?

  3. A pretty great mod. But just some minor things that i found. One thing is that i doesnt have advance coupling. Another thing is that when i use this mod, the rims and tires of other mods turns red. I dont know much about modding but it is only with this mod so there must be something that curse this. Also the light are a little bit buggy. because there are lights where there is no lamp. And if you brake with the double version the rear brake lights of the first trailer made a white reflection on the second trailer.
    Overall a great mod whith some minor bugs which dosent made is bad. Keep working

  4. _Classic_

    I can confirm, the wheels on the Fontaine Magnitude, turn red with this trailer.
    I tried it with 2 different Mack Superliners and it caused the dolly to bind on the rear trailer, which stopped it turning. With a FLB, it was perfectly OK. Very shiny, but so are the real aluminium trailers. Good job. I’m enjoying using them.

    1. _Classic_

      I reloaded both mods and the wheel problem has gone away.
      Good work.

      1. I use the Workshop version of that mod. Do you also?

        1. _Classic_

          Yes, I’m using the workshop Magnitude.

  5. GameplayHD2015

    Video with this amazing trailers:


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