10 thoughts on “Dropdeck v 1.1

  1. richthofen20

    what kenworth is that? and where can i find one lol

    1. EU DRIVER

      You know say-PRIVATE? :D


      Just write kenworth by Pinga on ats2lt and you will find it, but you won’t get those front headlights, nice mod and still works on 1.3 version. This one must be a new version of it, maybe he will release it, don’t worry you will get that extra long chassi with the wheel covers, really nice truck mod worth the download.

  2. –PRIVATE– :D

    1. It’s no private you moron!

  3. i+been+waiting+for+him+to+update+that+truck+hopefully+he+releases+it+soon

  4. Bill Alicea

    nice trailer, however I get chrome wheels on every trailer with this mod. Is there a way to stop the chrome wheels as being the default for all trailers?

    1. I love this mod man but can you update this mod for ats vs 1.4 advanced coupling and make it where it doesnt default all the stock trailer rims to chrome.

  5. Brandon Hairston

    Hey what do you use to create this mod how do you do it

  6. How come I see these trailers in the trailer section but not in the freight market? Your stuff does that a lot. Could not get that 4 axle Livestock trailer to go in neither.
    Where do the drop-decks go in the Mod Manager? Should they be on top, with other trailers, WHERE?

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