Double Lowboys v9.0.1

Update: 9 Feb
-added 2 axle jeeps for 2 axle lowboys
-corrected configuration names for all lowboys
-increased suspension travel for jeeps (50 mm -> 120 mm)
-changed single lowboys to “9” axles (may resolve certain errors when playing with the mod disabled)

Supports all customization the SCS lowboys do
Removed weight limits on all lowboys
New lowboy configs: single (2 configs), double (4 configs), triple (2 configs), quads (2 configs)
2x weight versions of cargo (including cargo from forest machinery dlc, heavy cargo dlc, volvo construction dlc). You will only see cargoes for the dlcs you own. SCS lowboys might not be able to take 2x weight cargoes.
2x weight cargoes pay twice as much, but also take twice as much time to load/unload (see table below)

In convoy, the person with the smallest/lowest capacity trailer should take the job first, or else you may get “mass limit exceeded” error. If someone is using an SCS lowboy, they should also take the job first.



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