29 thoughts on “Double Box Trailer

  1. Female Trucker

    This mod doesn’t work sadly, if you install this mod, you will lose the trailers on the Ai trucks.

    1. Kingspian

      Rather wait till the update on these mods. the 53 Containers has Affected the Ai Trucks without trailers as well.

  2. Does the back trailer turn?

    1. nop

  3. petriukas

    sucks mood

  4. GameplayHD2015

    1080p 60Fps GTX 980 Video:

  5. Trucker_bob

    nice! Could you please also make some Roadtrain trailers (combo’s)

  6. AlexCrazy

    make it standalone please

  7. not good, it just a long piece of ####

  8. DieselHolic

    the back trailer does not turn. not your fault to my knowledge but SCS’s. just a heads up for people checking out this mod

  9. Great concept but a shame it doesn’t work properly :(

    Hope SCS add support to trailers like this soon!!

  10. The Trucker

    For all guys i have posted this mod only for share with all yep is not steering but the SCS can’t relase a method for make steerable trailer if don’t like a mod don’t download it xD

  11. renenate12

    then dont release something that is not realistic . i agree is a long piece of ####

  12. Why does it act like a long trailer IT’S SUPPOSED TO PIVOT what the hell that disgustingly disappointing

    I really wish i know how to make mods because making one that would actually work would be amazing but this is a flop. it doesn’t pivot and the second trailer is like a halo. it goes through everything!!!

  13. Trucker_bob

    jup, this mods seems nice at the picture, when i tried it, the second trailer doesnt even move, the joint is not working, its just like a long trailer now

  14. a real modder would take 18 WoS Extreme Trucker, see how the joints work between trailers and convert it into ATS and/or ETS2 and just make it work,

    1. Dude ,No way,don’t work any way,i test it,i checked the 18wheels definitions , files,base and try it, don’t work ! Just SCS can release it !maybe in future release it !!!

  15. what truck is that in the picture :3

  16. Brandon Hairston

    Hey what do you use to create this mod how do you do it

  17. Jamaica West Indies

    trailer animation needed it is a waste of time mod. is like carrying a long trailer like the oversize ones, needs animation to make this mod interesting.

  18. hi! how do I make this links torrents? I want to download using utorrent since my network is poor

  19. gracias+x+el+mods+saludos

  20. gracias x el mod

  21. megustaaaaaaaaaa

  22. liquidsteel

    ##### ##### ##### ##### at least he is trying give the man or woman a break

  23. Gracias

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