22 thoughts on “Dina 861 [1.34]

  1. Fake mod!

    1. Shaneke Game

      Fake comment

      1. Today, you real kid! ;-)

        1. Shaneke Game

          And you have no mods to show, so therefore, you should stay in school instead of whining about mods being made

  2. ####+i+just+saw+this+on+my+phone+and+was+gonna+hurry+home+to+download..thanks+for+the+heads+up!

  3. Over one hundred files? Really? This needs to be removed.

    1. Wow… this is some very wise and technically relevant comment. You should do mods (irony).

  4. Fake mod, uploaded by ATS-ETS2-FS

  5. Deputydawg

    This is a fake mod and will be reported as such along with proof.

    1. Deputydawg

      I also reported the file to Mods.to so that they can remove it as well.

      1. Shaneke Game

        It will not happen, admins do nothing about it. If my mod is removed, it will be reuploaded again

  6. https://imgur.com/0zTDYeY doesn’t look fake to me

    1. Deputydawg

      How many trucks do you know that has folders for other trucks in their directory?

  7. Shadowcaster

    Crashed my game when I tried to purchase it

  8. for those who say this is fake it isnt if you have it install right all you have to do is extract the folder thats in the archive file and put it into your mod folder and very nice truck

  9. Para aquellos que dicen que esto es falso, no lo es, si lo tienes instalado correctamente, todo lo que tienes que hacer es extraer la carpeta que está en el archivo comprimido y ponerlo en tu carpeta mod y en un camión muy agradable.

    Gracias Shawn!!… exactamente a si es como funciona

    Gracias los quiero ver triunfar!!!!!

  10. Fine Truck, good start, thanks

  11. Alistair Hipper

    which dealership to purchase this truck

  12. Alistair Hipper

    just crashed as i was about to purchase

  13. nice mod

  14. Be careful, this mod doesn’t bother to change certain filenames in “def” subdirectories, so that it supersedes vanilla-game files — for example addon_hookup_storage.sii, light.sii, and horn.sii. It will therefore disable certain elements such as the “lumen mark 3” floodlight that you mount on the light-rails unless you tweak things yourself to repair or override the errors and omissions.

    Also, there appear to be folder names referencing vanilla-game models (for example there are references to Kenworth W900 stuff). These appear to contain textures and materials and model elements and what-not. I don’t know what the modder is doing there, but I worry that those files will also supersede stuff in the vanilla game.

    Not that it’s not a very nice truck — it’s an excellent model. But proper unique renaming is Modding 101 — improper renaming and using “shared” stuff in a mod archive can cause beaucoup headaches.

  15. doesn’t work on Mac please fix this

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