Detroit Diesel High Torque Engines + Allison 4500 v 1.2


Includes 2 Detroit Diesel engines, 14.8L DD15, 15.6L DD16.

Includes 1 Transmission, Allison 4500.

This combo easily hauls anything.

* Fixed problem with Engines not working with Peterbilt trucks.

* I’m an idiot and put the wrong download link.



3 thoughts on “Detroit Diesel High Torque Engines + Allison 4500 v 1.2

  1. Take it easy on yourself brother. No big deal, I like this combi, and I’m glad you fixed it!

  2. Isnt the torque abit extreme and unrealistic? from what I could find about these engines they got 40% or so of that power you put in there… I’d love new engines but not if its not to spec.

    1. I basically upped the torque by a multiplier because the gear ratios were made for an engine and tranny combo with a torque converter between them. All I did was multiply the actual engine torque by the torque multiplier of the torque converter that we equip on the 4k series and input that.

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