Detroit Diesel High Torque Engines + Allison 4500 v 1.1

Detroit-Diesel-High-Torque-Engines-2 Detroit-Diesel-High-Torque-Engines-1

Includes 2 Detroit Diesel engines, 14.8L DD15, 15.6L DD16.

Includes 1 Transmission, Allison 4500.

This combo easily hauls anything.

* Fixed problem with Engines not working with Peterbilt trucks.

Author: SRK


3 thoughts on “Detroit Diesel High Torque Engines + Allison 4500 v 1.1

  1. Kenneth L.

    Hiya, I downloaded this yesterday and it isn’t working with my truck (the peterbilt). I see the changelog and I’ve redownloaded and replaced the mod but it’s still having the problem. When I buy the 600hp engine, it continuously swaps back to the cummins and potentially allows someone to get $26.7k in return for constantly trying to get the engine to work. I haven’t tried it on the Kenworth yet.

    1. I’ll check it out and see what’s going on.

    2. I am a total ##### and put the old download link. I have resubmitted the mod with the correct one. Here is the link until that is up.

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