DC-USA Truck W900 Skin for ATS


Hey guys, this is my USA Truck skin for the Kenworth W900 that accompanies my USA Truck trailer I posted earlier. Sorry about the paint tag. I have one made, but do not know how to edit the file to get it in there at this time. This is my first default truck skin in ATS. I guess you need to edit the tobj file somehow to get the paint tag in…not sure. I tried to link my USA Truck trailer to this post…I hope it works.

Truck Skin – David Corley; Template – Max; SCS


11 thoughts on “DC-USA Truck W900 Skin for ATS

  1. Well now, yes ya combo set works just fine for me. Pretty good set in my library for some one in retirement,huh. Keep em commin and I’ll keep em runnin dave. Thanks again.

    1. lol no problem man, glad you like it. :) i ended up getting that itch to skin something while my kids were gone/occupied again. it seems hard to get the skinner totally out of me. :P I had seen this truck the other day on the road and i was like dang it now i gotta skin it. lol I had thought about doing this one back in ETS2 but never did. well it was time and I wanted to try my hand at skinning the W900 since it is real close to the T800 im used to. :) have fun!

  2. Great combo DC…..

    1. Thank you Fidiuss!

    2. At first it was actually just going to be the trailer, but like I was telling James I wanted to take a stab at skinning a default W900. So after I posted up the trailer I was like mind as well do the truck now. Thats why I didnt make it one scs file instead of two. Sorry about that. If yall need me to, I can see about combining them into 1 file…truck skin+trailer.

      1. Don’t bother I’m easy to please.

      2. they go well together DC and the W900 is a great choice of truck to pull the trailer …..

        1. Thanks man. The W900 is as close as I can get to the T800 of which i’ve skinned many. :) Just good ol’ tough trucks. By the way, I hate the way the screenshots turned out I posted. To me, my USA Truck combo looks much better in-game as compared to the pics. lol But I made the combo based on the real paintjobs of actual trucks and trailers as best I could even down to the company info on the truck sides.

  3. This is a great mod! Can you make a version of it for the 579?

  4. Great mod! Can you make a 579 version of it?

    1. Thanks man, i’m glad you like it. I just finished making it for you and it should be up today or tomorrow. I woke up super early this morning when I saw your message so I figured no time like the present. Mind as well get after it while everyone here was still passed out sleeping. lol Oh, if you saw my USA Truck trailer then you can pair them up if you like.

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