DC-Knight W900 + Trailer Skin Pack

DC-Knight-W900-1 DC-Knight-W900-2 DC-Knight-W900-3

Hey guys, I put together a Knight Transportation combo to share with you all. The scs file includes my W900 truck skin, my trailer skin, and stewowe’s trailer mod. Only one of Stewowe’s trailers can be used in-game at one time.

Authors: W900 Skin & Trailer Skin – David Corley; Trailer Mod – Stewowe; W900 Template – Max


6 thoughts on “DC-Knight W900 + Trailer Skin Pack

  1. I noticed last night that my USA Truck skin will not work separately from my Knight skin for the W900. So if you run my Knight pack, please disable my USA Truck pack…both truck skin and trailer. Thanks and sorry about that.

  2. great combo DC!

    1. Thanks man! :)

    2. My kids were a bit late getting home with their mom last night, so I decided to skin us another truck and combo that baby! lol

  3. Killer of Thieves

    Trailer standalone or not? Why no one writes in the description ??? Why do I have to download and test himself? If you publish a mods so write a detailed description !!!

  4. My only gripe is that IRL there is a small triangle of white in the bottom left-hand corner, but it’s fine :P

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