16 thoughts on “DC-FTI Trailer for ATS

  1. yes……….oh its perfect DC great job bud!!!

    1. Thanks man! :)

      1. take a look at this Dave let me know your thoughts obviously credits and original links are yours and stewowe…….the site is still work in progress but visits are increasing day by day from all over if your happy with it ill carry on :)

          1. I think that’s really cool man, but I wouldn’t say more of my skins to come though. After the two I did today plus the others I finished recently, i’m burnt slap out for the moment. lol You are more than welcome to share my work on your site though for others to enjoy as well. I usually come out of my burnout. Sometimes soon, sometimes im out awhile…depending on when it hits me. :) I just really need a break. :P

          2. man i know how you feel thats why im doing just one a week after my last skin unless its a request ill change the weekly thing on the site bud …..

          3. Thanks man, I appreciate it. Hey where you want me to send your personal trailer I made for you?

  2. DC if i give you a link to my company logo could you if you get time sort me the same trailer out with the logos in the same place with whatever else you want to stick on it even your sig if you like :) i can do them for ETS just not ATS yet :@)

    1. So you want the FTI trailer, but with your logo in the same spots where FTI logo currently is and then maybe switch up signs on the sides and doors a bit? If so, I can do that for you. Just making sure I understand correctly since I am tying this in the morning before coffee. lol …neeed…coffee…. :) Oh btw guys, I should be able to do the PAM trailer today I hope.

      1. hi DC its for my own company in-game basically just using my own logo and thats it here is the link to my logo:


        if it needs to be bigger DC let me know ….no rush for the trailer as and when time allows ……thanks bud!!

        1. Ok man will do. Trying to wrap up PAM at the moment. After yours i’m taking a skinning break. :) Burning out again. lol :P

        2. All done with your personal trailer man! :) Where would you like me to send it?

  3. David-Man of many trailers–Now could you do P.A.M. for me. This game is becoming a dream granting process. Fidiuss made the truck skin now I need a trailer to haul what ever you wish. I had a relative who drove as a trainer and long haul driver for P.A.M. for over 20 years with a perfect no accident record and I went on many hauls to Dallas with him and I see the trucks go by my window every day. Thanks again sir. Be talking again i’m sure
    Keep up the good skins also Fidiuss.

    1. your one lucky guy James…going on a haul in big rig would be my dream man…..and 20 years with no damage is worth its weight in gold for a trucker…..

    2. Good morning James, PAM will be coming soon. :) I hope to start on it today. Thats the plan anyway. I have pics of the real trailers downloaded. Now I just gotta search for images to use on the trailer. My children are planning to attend a birthday party today. If so, I plan to work on it then.

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