13 thoughts on “DC-Conway Trailer for ATS

  1. It would be great if you could make a pack of all these amazing trailers, so we can download them at once all of them and not one by one. You are doing a great job.
    Please, consider it. :-)

    1. lol I actually thought about that. I had uploaded each one last night as I completed converting them since I figured not everyone would want all of them and they gotta be ran one at a time anyhow. :) But I could try to zip them all together in a megapack for you though. I will see if my kids will let me get away again today a few minutes to do it. lol Oh and thank you very much for the compliment!

      1. Dude, come on! I’m sure that EVERYONE would love to have them ALL. Your work is great, very detailed and gives no crashes in the game (for me at least, i’m using three of your trailers with other trailers packs).
        Saturday is a hard day when you have kids! lol
        Take your time,have great moments with your kids and pack your trailers when you have free time! We have plenty of patience! :-)

        Thanks, David.

        1. Hi Stavros, I went ahead and made a 7z file mega pack and uploaded a few minutes ago. :) I tried a zip file first, but it was huge and taking forever on my superbad inet connection, so I went the 7zip route. It is MUCH smaller and quicker that way! Oh and I was able to finish it BEFORE my kids woke up. lol The pack is just awaiting posting and approval by this modsite. I am very glad you love the trailers man. Thank you again very much for the compliments. I truly appreciate it. btw you are running THREE of my trailers at one time in-game?? Meaning the stewowe ones I skinned OR are you running the copies someone attempted of my skins on here a bit back using a different trailer? All my posts here are called DC-…. and the credits I use are me for the skins and stewowe for the trailer. On ETS2 you could only use ONE of stewowe’s trailers at a time. I haven’t tried more than one at a time yet in ATS. Maybe it works now! Ah got to run now, my son is hounding me since he is up. lol

          1. Great news! Thank you, mate! You are a quick pack uploader! Hehe
            I run the “DC” ones (i suppose these are your “David Corley”-your name). Xtra, Western and Knight. These are the three tarailers. And they are running with no problems. :-)
            I should delete them now though and wait for your megapack!
            Have a great weekend, dude!

            Keep on trucking!

          2. If the trailers you are running are not based on stewowe’s trailer, then they are the attempted copies someone did. I only post up my skinned versions of stewowe’s trailer. I am gonna test out running multiple stewowe trailers asap. Would be cool indeed! Not sure if im going to do more trailers though after the mega pack. This website has double standards. They just posted up a budweiser trailer. The other day I tried to post up my The Beer Store skin for the VNL 670 and they rejected it telling me they do not allow alcohol content. Yet they posted that other bud trailer just now in addition to already having several budweiser mods on this page. I am NOT happy right now as I have several nice trailers ready to upload and that 670 skin that are beer based. I’m ticked actually. lol If it wasnt for all you guys that love my work i’d yank every dang mod I uploaded out and to heck with this site. But that would not be fair at all to you guys. But you may want to grab the trailers you want quick if they dont post my megapack and make this right about their double standard here. oh so not happy right now… lol

          3. Ok they just posted up my megapack and removed barboot’s bud trailer after i brought it to their attention. im still not happy but not ticked anymore. lol they need to post up a rule section for uploading content so we all know what is allowed or NOT allowed.

  2. This is insane, David. I mean, i saw many “budweiser” trailers in this site all this time.
    WTHeck? And why alcohol trailers are forbitten anyway? Nevermind. As you said, they must post a rule section for this at least. It’s unfair for people like you doing beautiful skins and can’t share them with us.

    1. I feel exactly the same way man. I like sharing my work with you guys and having some in my game that I cant feels crummy. So many more truckers could be enjoying them. I mean how many beer trailers you see cruising around for real in America? Lots! lol I did post a link to my “other” skins on Bobbo662 facebook page under visitors posts if you want them. They are in a 7z pack there.

      1. Well, this is great! I’ll download them from there. Thank you again, man.

        1. No problem man. His fb site is actually listed under B62’s ETS 2 & ATS Skin Mods. He has a ton of stuff for ETS2 as well you may like.

  3. Hi David i have done a Volvo for use with this great trailer just waiting on admin to upload……

    1. Cool man, I can’t wait to download it!

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