Daniels Random Events v1.4.2

Changes in 1.4.2
– Fixed issues with ground texture on events involving truck trailers.
– Added abandoned vehicle events (car, crashed car, van, small truck) and the possibility to have a warning triangle.

This mod adds over 600 different new random events to appear on the roads in ATS.
There are many different types of events ranging all the way from car accidents to asphalt patches and from trailer fires to breakdowns.
All the events are dynamic in one way or another, so they are slightly different each time they spawn.
All the events have different rarity levels depending on the type of event, so some events will spawn more often than others.
Different types of events have different rarity levels as well, so some events you will see more often than others.

Other Changes:
– Added a second white strip to the traffic cone and made the white strips retroreflective to make it more realistic and to make it easier to be seen at nighttime.
– Added collisions to the drain covers/channels.
– Added collisions to the asphalt patches.



One thought on “Daniels Random Events v1.4.2

  1. Wasn’t 1.4.2 released in early june?

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