Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme Version 1.46 Summer Map

Alot has changed in this version and it was aot of work, hence the delay since the game update to 1.46.

The whole area around where Carlile in Fairbanks is located has been redone completely.
Added in Carlile’s Fuel/Chemical Depot.
Added in Carlile’s Truck Shop.
Moved Plaster and Sons, Mack, Freightliner to more suitable locations due to the revamp.
Changed the roads and speed limits for them to be inline with the real world.
Added in the roundabout at Danby St and Wembley Ave. (This was challenging)
Changed the intersection at Danby St and Johansen Expwy.
Changed the intersection halfway between Farmers Loop and Goldminers.
Reworked the Steese along that way.
Added in a new company with new jobs, Air Land Transport. Its is located across fom the Carlile Truck Shop.
Fixed a reported sign issue just north of the Wiseman turnoff.
Added purchasable Carlile Fuel Tanker Skin.
Added in K&W as parked tankers to Carlile Fuel and Chemical Division.
Please note other companies might show up as well at this stage I havent had time to redo all the different size tankers as parked vehicles.
Blocked off certain areas currently being worked on and those that have nothing past them. Added invisible walls as well.
Added in some fast food trailers one at the parking area past Hilltop and the other at Hotspot Cafe. Also added people in these locations.

Anything else I have changed or added I cannot remember.

The Winter Map will come in due course as I have yet to import the new map to it and the def changes, new parked vehicles etc, as well as changing the materials to Winter
that are burned into the map.

Reminder : Winter and Summer Map Profiles are compatible with each map.

Please report anything out of the ordinary here as usual.
Any crashing issues etc please dont forget to include your full game.log.txt as it is needed so myself or others can help you.

Load order has not changed it will always remain the same.

DO NOT use the Company Browser you will lock up your game or CTD.
Until modding information is available it is beyond my control.
You have been warned!

Any issues or further information can be found in my thread on the Official SCS Forums in the ATS Mods Maps section



5 thoughts on “Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme Version 1.46 Summer Map

  1. can be used with promods Canada?

  2. Hawkbs, can it be used without Promods Canada?
    Company Browser? That is that the mod to change company names? If so, how about Jazzycat’s AI truck mod that changes company names?

  3. Why doesn’t the map expand to see the destinations in Alaska when a load is picked? My home garage is in Seattle, I picked a load to Anchorage and only the ferry route showed maybe halfway. The map couldn’t be moved. Nothing in Alaska showed until I got to Homer.

  4. Anonymous

    Works just fine for me. you have to create a new game, and select the respective module, as this map doesn’t seam to work with the base game map. once you’ve loaded in, the roads get bumpy and there are a ton of trucks on the road

  5. I finally got it working. Map issue, not your mod. Thanks.

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