Daikin Reefer Container Ownable [1.34.x]

– Update to 1.34
– Added for purchase to the property
– Standalone
– Cable support
– Advanced hitch support
– Animated supports
– 12 their skins
– Ownable

Sib3rius (rework, AO bake, conversion)
Bora (frame)
Aaron (Yankee Trucker)
Ventyres (wheels)
Corey #3 (rework)
KeithD Update to 1.34


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3 thoughts on “Daikin Reefer Container Ownable [1.34.x]

  1. Stolen mod!

  2. There are no skins included lol. Another adaptation with failures. This is getting old..

  3. doesn’t work anymore in 1.35 please update it

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