13 thoughts on “DAF XF

  1. Mr. Floyd

    ###… Why? Why?? Why???

  2. can you make Scania?

  3. Volvo with 8x8a chasis PLEASE!!!! ;) :)

    1. thanks video :) i work fix tuning parts

  4. Jupie1994

    Please make this one also for the new DAF 106 from ETS2. Cool mod btw!

  5. yes, in this week :)

  6. KiLLer Modding

    we need SCANIA STREAMLINE :D :D :D good job

  7. I get RED Wheel Rims when I use this please fix it.

    1. fix! v2 is avaiable soon this site :)

      and volvo fh16 and scani streamline too

  8. why put a ets truck on ats its pointless its american simulator not europe

    1. don , why put american trucks on ets2 ????? its just a game not real life .

  9. what version of game is this mod?

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