DAF XF 95 v 1.0 [1.31]

DAF XF 95 adaption for ATS 1.30.x
Buy in Peterbilt dealer
4 chasis
5 engines
2 transmissions
NOTE: Properly tested on 1.31 betas.

Alexander Sertakov, ATS adaption by vasja555


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5 thoughts on “DAF XF 95 v 1.0 [1.31]

  1. jeffjam94

    that is not a XF95

    it’s a 95-XF.

    that’s a pretty big difference and a very ###### mistake giving me the impression you didn’t do much research

    1. TomDooley

      The same with people who are inept at reading description. Its baffling.

    2. I have one question to turn right or left he has a problem? with a load

  2. This+was+taken+off+of+a+facebook+page.

  3. Downloaded this and file says 1.30 only. The mod can be activated in the mod manager but the truck doesn’t appear in any dealership. I have interior mega mod pack active at the moment, could this be the reason?

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