D.B Creation’s “AI Traffic Mod” for 1.35

[ATS AI Traffic Mod for 1.35]

Hello and welcome to my Amercian Truck Simulator Mod.
Normally i work on ETS 2 Traffic Mods but i try to publish my first AI Traffic Mod for ATS. The AI Traffic have the same behavior like my ETS 2 Traffic so test it and give me feedback. When the Traffic Mod is good, than i will try to publish more Traffic mods for ATS.

If you want updates about my Mods, than subscribe us on our Homepage.

I hope u know my work on ETS 2 Traffic Mods, than u know that my work on it, starts some years ago.

So try it out and i will be happy when u write some comments here.

This traffic Mods includes:
– High Traffic Spawn Intensity on Expressways and Motorways and little bit less on Local Roads.
– My own AI Behavior parameters for all Traffic Vehicles.
– Compatible with all Traffic Packs and Maps.

D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

D.B Creation Dev Team Germany

DOWNLOAD 262 MB [db-creation]
DOWNLOAD 262 MB [Sharemods]

5 thoughts on “D.B Creation’s “AI Traffic Mod” for 1.35

  1. Warum eine Datenmenge von 262 MB ?

    1. Ja die Frage stell ich mir gerade auch, keine Ahnung von wo die, die Daten hernehmen.

  2. Hey I think you got probably the best traffic mod I’ve tried. Only the high density version seems realistic. The normal and low doesn’t seem very realistic, so I don’t bother even playing with those. However, on the High Density version, some things to think about.

    1.) I’m not sure how to change this because im new with mods, but there are too many Trucks.. more cars would be better.

    2.) State roads (back roads, not interstates) are too crowded. And too many harvesters slowing down traffic and creating traffic jams in country roads where there should hardly be any.

    I’m not sure if there is a way you can fix these. I’m not sure if you can keep the same density of traffic on Interstates and highways and lower it on country side 2-lane roads…but if it can be done…this would be the top traffic mod of all

  3. Uff it pains me to say, I had to take your mod off. The country back roads are just too crowded with harvesters and constant traffic jams. Using the normal density clears it up, but then interstates and city highways seem desolate, like a ghost town or apocalypse hit it. Definitely an awesome try though. Hope to see updates from you.

  4. thanx you bro ^^

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