15 thoughts on “Customs Rim and Tires

  1. Low chassis ?

  2. Looks dumb to be honest

  3. K- Wopper

    can u release lower chassi in rim pic????

  4. ###### looking rims, why would anyone put these on a truck? Just as bad as those car rims for ETS2

    1. DTK_Beasty_L

      I don’t own this game, but I am thinking about purchasing it and this will probably be the first mod I download. If you didn’t know these wheels are actually somewhat realistic in the custom truck world. Now they are not very efficient for driving long distances because they won’t be able to take it, but whether you like it or not they are a very real thing. If you don’t believe me go to a custom truck show or just google it. They are actually very popular with custom truck owners just because they are low profile. If you want to be 100% realistic then yeah I suggest you don’t use these go haul cross country, but if you just want to make your truck look nice for some cool screenshots or something, then more power to ya. -DTK_Beasty_L

  5. if you dont like the mod then dint bother writing a comment unless there is something wrong with it! Awesome rims! and thank you for putting it in ATS!

    1. Thats because there is something wrong with it!

  6. do u have to be a certain lvl for thes. mod is active but i dont see them available in upgrades

    1. How do you install it in the mod folder

  7. Video how to install it

  8. can u release lower chassi in rim pic????

  9. no scs file . what a pity

  10. How to install??

  11. Helo!
    Please help me how to install this parts?
    Thanx a lot

  12. midnight-rider

    how do you install this i see comments about it but no reply

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