Custom Yellow Skin for AMT 351


Here is a Custom Yellow skin for the AMT 351 Peterbilt

Plenty more skins to download for free on my website

Facebook link on website

Link for the Wheels i use also on website under the MOD section.

Author: Pauly


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5 thoughts on “Custom Yellow Skin for AMT 351

  1. What front wheels are used in this screenshot? I’m looking for some duplex front tires to simulate a heavy duty front axle setup for my 389 Pete… thx.

  2. There is links on my website for the wheels i use,my website has a new address now so go take a look.

    1. Thanks for the reply! The original link was not working.

  3. Limburgtrucker

    What is the original Truck It looks Great with this skin but I can’t find the truck

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