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Custom great dane reefer

Date 2016-03-07 21:40


Custom great dane reefer spread axle with fenders, comes with a variety of skins.

B4RT AMT Modding


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13 Responses to Custom great dane reefer

  1. Nice!!! This is real? 53ft with spread axle? I EU driver.

  2. Humpfester

    Yes, it’s real.

  3. Donald

    Is this stand alone or does it replace something?

  4. mike

    standalone usually otherwise it would say so in the “title”

  5. Please make 48ft trailer with spread axle! I drive long wheelbase truck:)

  6. kenneth

    only complaint is that the trailer sits to far up when hooked up. wish the kingpin was further to the front so the trailer wouldnt hit the airhoses i run on the peterbilt 389 mod by viper.

  7. Love this trailer but when you have the lights on the flashers in the rear don’t flash. They do if the lights aren’t on but they are very dim.

  8. Can you make one with regualar rims and turn signals on the side of the trailer please?

  9. Snowman

    what program do you use to edit trailers?

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