Custom 53′ Trailer

version: 1.5
For the game version: 1.33

Mod adds a new one, based on the standard 53 ‘trailer, as well as one new load. Added as a completely new tuning, and tuning based on the standard, many elements of the trailer were recycled. The trailer is autonomous, the type of hitch is only one – a single trailer. Be careful that:
1) The trailer is only for purchase. Unfortunately, in freight market and traffic is not added. Maybe someday I’ll do it, but I’m not sure about it;
2) All the bodies look the same, it’s not a bug, it was well conceived;
3) The UV is new, skins for standard trailers will not work, but standard game skins have been adapted for this trailer. In the archive there is a template for drawing your skins;
4) Among the available skins there are skins that may contradict your opinions, beliefs, etc. etc. These skins will not be censored or deleted. I do not care that because of them you will refuse to use this mod.

List of updates for 1.5:
– Added slots for lamps on the sides and front wall of the body. Be careful, due to technical limitations for slots, only orange and red lamps are available!;
– Lamps on toolboxes replaced to slots for lamps;
– Changed the glow effect of red rectangular, orange round and angled lamps;
– Red round and angled lamps in wing tuning no longer work as brake lamps and do not cast light on the ground;
– Reworked lamps icons;
– Added the ability to install stickers on the front wall;
– Fixed a bug when installing a painted bumper when changing the chassis. Now installed chrome;
– Fixed a bug with translucency of stickers that could occur when installing stickers on a chrome door;
– Added wind deflectors for doors and lift gate;
– Added new skins and stickers;
– Added a new custom bumper in two variations (chrome and paint). Be careful, it is not available for rolling doors without a lift gate, as the door model partially passes through the bumper model.

Installation: сopy downloaded file to a mod folder, install it in the mod manager.
Template is available as skin

Chris Husky (Imperator3), SCS


10 thoughts on “Custom 53′ Trailer

  1. sagittariusjr

    It has problem with custom ligths at side. Light can add only rigth side

    1. Rotate the trailer, as in my video, and slots on the other side will be available.

  2. Ol' JimJam


    1. Rotate the trailer, as in my video, and slots on the other side will be available.

      1. Ol' JimJam

        thanks bud

  3. Great trailer, been using it for awhile. When you put the borman marker lights on the side of the trailer, the lights face the rear of the trailer. Other than that, great update!

  4. Onkel Hugo

    It is a realy very good trailer, makes lot of fun to drive with it. But I have much problems to cupple on/off with RTA K108 (even other trucks too). It seems that the front of the trailer isn´t high enough to drive under it with the truck. And even changing tires on truck (smaller) and trailer (bigger) hasn´t bring any success.


    Could you add prime livery?

  6. very nice trailer!! but can u do also double? Like 53+53 and also with spoiler for the 2 trailers and not only the rear one? please

  7. Василий Игнатьевич Шаргало

    скин сделайте пожалусто для этого трейлера.. Wiley Sanders Master… заранее благодарю

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