Cummins N14 Sound Mod update for W900


Update of the Megapack sound mod for the W900 by SCS.

Here’s the changelog :

Update 2.1 :
-Added sticks and air sounds for parking brake.
-Cummins N14 interior sounds low rev’s reworked.
-Cummins N14 totally new exterior sounds.
-Cat 3406E Changed jake brake for a real one.
-Paccar Remove an unnecessary 455 hps engine (there were twice the same engine).

Note that this sound pack also includes the Cat & Paccar engines sounds.

Link for the W900 by SCS :

The Peterbilt 389 will have those sounds at its next update from Viper2.

Author: Kriechbaum


28 thoughts on “Cummins N14 Sound Mod update for W900

  1. where do you have this sterring wheel ???? :O

    1. It’s a private mod. I’d love to have it too :(

  2. Trucker_bob

    very neat!

  3. darstromz


  4. Ohyesss…. im going to try this one out ASAP!

  5. chisler H

    i really like this sound mod, but the turbo sound is unpleasant after a while. How can i lower the turbo sound?

  6. ZTGraphix

    Is that log trailer available for download anywhere? That thing is amazing!!!!

  7. Can you fix the crashing when it is uninstalled?

  8. Сергей

    Откуда такой руль? Будет ли новый звук двигателя для 379 и 389?

  9. Сергей

    Я считаю что звук это самый главный компонент который сейчас нужно улучшать. У вас это отлично получается! Этот патч вообще супер! Спасибо!

  10. Excellent sound engine


    Here’s a great video showing off these sound with a good driver behind the wheel ENJOY!!

  12. como se mete el mod o se usa porque no me aparece

  13. I see you removed some of my engines. Also, there is a maximum filesize for sounds which you aren’t aware of yet apparently.

  14. Nice..!

  15. andre myrie

    let us get the steering wheel

  16. dont work 4 me Kapitan Kriechbaum :(

  17. I see that you use money cheat…shame on you guys …whats the point in playing

    1. Its a test Profile mate, so they dont bug out there Career on

  18. Interactive Gamer

    I don’t have the game yet (wasn’t planning to, I have ets2) but this sounds so cool and real that I am going to buy ats and instal this mod

  19. Please help…the mod somehow doesn’t want to start

  20. I downloaded the mod the parking brake sound works but not the engine sounds is there a engin mod pack that is supposed to go along with this? Help please?

    1. Roadking2016

      Colby, you are right you need an additional mod, because this is just an update and probably makes a few tweaks. Therefore, you need the Mega sound pack for the w900. It can be found on this website. Just type in W900 sound and you can find it. And remember it has to be a .scs file to work so I recommend 7-zip or win zip or winrar.

  21. I really liked the first version. Since I switched to this new version I haven’t even turned the radio back on. I love listening to the N14. Thanks for the update and keep up the good work.

  22. Roadking2016

    Please I LOVE the wheel!! Please can you give us a link? And also keep up the work Kapitan!!

  23. Love it! Love it!
    Can you put this mod sound to an existing engine?
    new engine will crash in a multi-player …

  24. Will you update this one to the latest game version? The W900 does not “feel” sound the same without it :(

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