Cummins iSX Stock Sound


Hi all,

Here’s my new Cummins ISX stock sound.

I think we have alreay a lot of open pipes sounds, it’s good too to have quieter sounds sometimes.

Because i have no time those days, for now the sound works for the stock W900, T680, Pet 579 & the T800 by Mike. Soon i will make it working for others trucks.

This sound pack replaces the previous one (2.1), you can delete the previous one.

Hope you enjoy it.

Link W900 by SCS :

for T800 by GT Mike :

For the T680 & 579 :

Authors: Kriechbaum, scs.


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7 thoughts on “Cummins iSX Stock Sound

  1. Красивый звук.Мне нравится.


    Thank you master Kriechbaum. Great sound!! Doing my first trip to Arizona now with this sound and the W900 :-)

  3. Humpfester

    Where did you get the Lowboy?

  4. I didn’t see any link
    “For the T680 & 579 :”

  5. Deputydawg

    The link for the T680 and the 579 is the link for the w900. Can you please fix it?


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