Cummins ISX engines & sounds pack v 1.1 for ATS

Cummins ISX engines & sounds pack v 1.1 for ATS

This package contains the engines of the Cummins ISX line, where it contains several variants of sound depending on the truck. Contains 6 motors:
ISX12 370
ISX12 425
ISX15 450
ISX15 500
ISX15 550
ISX15 600

In addition, it contains two engines from Cummins ISX Signature line, dedicated especially for oversized and overweight loads:

ISX Signature 600
ISX Signature 720 Chipped

Contains 4 sound variants, 3 depending on the truck and 1 optional, Straight Exhausts. In the file attached to the mod, “Truck Support Listing”, it contains the list of trucks that the mod supports.

Two sound variants are based on Kapitan Kriechbaum’s audios and another two from Odd_Fellow, adapted according to use of mods prior to 1.36 ATS.

The sounds of the Cummins ISX Signature are based on the sounds of Kapitan Kriechbaum for the 2015 versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2, and they are present in all the trucks on the list.

Tested on American Truck Simulator versions 1.39, 1.40, 1.41 & 1.42 per FMOD guidelines.

v 1.1
-The ventilator effect on the Volvo sound variant is eliminated.

-Adjusts the volume of the BOV effect in the Straight Escapes variant.

-Added Straight Exhaust variant the following trucks:
–Kenworth T800 (FranckPerú)
–Kenworth T600 (FranckPerú)
–Kenworth K100e (OverFloater)
–Freightliner Classic XL (BSA)
–Kenworth W900 (SCS)
–Peterbilt 389 (SCS)
–Peterbilt 389 (Viper2)


It is forbidden to reload all or part of the content of the mod on non-official sites (Sharemods). If you want to share, please use the original Sharemods link and respect the mod’s credits.

eelDavidGT (conversion of audios to FMOD system and mixing of various sounds), Mocos Trucker, Juan_DF, Mapache Game (tests), Kapitan Kriechbaum, Odd_Fellow (original sounds) SCS (base sounds)


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