Cummins 444 Sound for Peterbilt 379



I updated my megapack sound mod, to 2.3 version.

What’s new?
-New Cummins 444 engines and sounds.
-Peterbilt 379 is now supported in this pack.
-Added new air horn (“N” key).
-Added 3 positions engine brakes.

There are three links under the video’s description,
it works for W900 by SCS, T800 by GTMike, and Peterbilt 379.

The present link here is for the Peterbilt 379.

Author: Kriechbaum


14 thoughts on “Cummins 444 Sound for Peterbilt 379

  1. Kriechbaum you’re my HERO! i Realy like what things you do! AWESOME! The perfect work!

  2. Epic sound, good job! Like it!

  3. admin stop delete my comment! I say that this mod is very nice and author do the great job! what is wrong??????

  4. RomanianTrucker7

    where are the wheels from ?

    1. If i m not wrong wheels are from Pete389

  5. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I try it with the 389 viper v2 and it does not work but with the 379 EXHD what a nice sound!!!

    1. Are you retarded? Of course it doesn’t work with the 389. It’s made for the 379.

  7. Well done Kapitan u did it again a magnific sound as always thank’s for sharing.Keep up the good work

  8. Great job captain !

  9. wooow… thats epic!

  10. Road Runner


  11. DriverDadoYo


  12. The master of sound at work

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