FS19 mods

Cozad Lowboy Trailer

Date 2017-04-18 17:15

– Standalone
– Include in AI Traffic
– 20 Owerloads Gargo
– Tested 1.6

Dwade, Jab, Sib3rius, Ivan, Scott, pete379jp, Rbr-duk, Classik, SCS, Ventyres, Xxxxx, Ysup12, Bansheewoj, Azilyirnizam, 3dRegenerator, Tedesko Anton, josemaria deespona, Jean, Luis, Azam, Ravi, North, Kim waters


Comments (5)

5 Responses to Cozad Lowboy Trailer

  1. Bill Alicea

    The download page is popup central, use a better upload site

  2. Mahad110

    Useless ! Incorrect files version, not for ATS v1.6, many errors

  3. JESAN

    Great trailers, mostly warnings but I worry about mipmapping not supported error messages

  4. Dom

    Downloaded the proper way Will not let me play it just keeps on crashing

  5. Mike

    perfect, relism in size of cargo, did need to update the .pmg’s , but it looks good, and AI hauling it aswell, great work !

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