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Cozad Lowbed Ownable Trailer v 2.0 [1.33.x]

Date 2019-01-30 10:36

– Standalone
– Cable support
– 25 their cargoes
– Ownable

Changes v2.0
– Added for purchase in the property.

Dwade, Jeb, Sib3rius, Ivan, Scott, pete379jp, RBR-DUK, classic, SCS, Ventyres, XXXX, Jazzycat.
Update for 1.33.x: KeithD.


Comments (4)

4 Responses to Cozad Lowbed Ownable Trailer v 2.0 [1.33.x]

  1. BigJhon

    Fake uploader!

  2. Amatist

    Bad optimized mod. Produces micro freezes all over the place.

  3. John

    Yup seriously. Learn how to optimize and do retopo to 3d models because 60mb+ for each trailer/cargo is ridiculous.

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