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Complete save v1.2

Date 2016-05-03 14:32


Amercian truck simulator complete save and good level

compatible with all version of ATS : )

just extract American Truck Simulator.rar and put in Document



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5 Responses to Complete save v1.2

  1. michael

    why can’t people work for their level..you guys are making the game useless

    • Ways71

      You do know some people have to test out mods which most of the time requires buying a truck, and sometimes those mod testers dont feel like working for a high level JUST to test out a mod. Think a bit before you talk ignorance.

  2. michael

    who the hell needs 45 trucks and 45 workers and your money cheats…dam get a life

    • same thing can probably said for you,

      who the hell has the time to go on all these save file mods to make the same annoying comment .. dam get a life.

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