Colorado Demo Map [1.39]

This mod makes it possible to enjoy some parts of the new Colorado DLC already now!

– Hidden roads in Colorado have been made visible
– Removed dead-end barriers in Colorado

This is possible because SCS leaked those areas of Colorado in 1.38 and 1.39. All the map is done by SCS.

Enjoy driving in Colorado!

Only for 1.39 beta!

SCS, Topolino

DOWNLOAD 9 MB [Mirror]

5 thoughts on “Colorado Demo Map [1.39]

  1. it does not work

    1. trucker man jude

      thanks i was about to download it i will not now

    2. Why should it not work?
      I forgot to write down that DLC New Mexico and Utah are required, maybe you don’t have them?

  2. Darex2521

    to na 1.39 !

  3. Already have a Colorado downloaded on Pirate Bay for free. Really nice map it is.

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