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Colombia Map v 1.0 Beta

Date 2018-12-21 10:18

This is the BETA 1.0 of the REGIONS COLOMBIA map for version 1.33.x of the AMERICAN TRUCK SIMULATOR. The map is 1:1 scale and real routes.

It should be noted that it is possible to find a fault in the BETA map, so you’ll get some errors in the console, but the map is playable.

– BETA brings a total of 5 “cities” with business operations.
– Paths in their entirety created with GOOGLE MAPS, nothing is invented.
– 2D vegetation for players with low-income PCs.
– Modification of the time zone is included.
– The alternate roads (trails) do not have GPS operation, this to provide blind driving.

Enjoy the first version of map!

Almase, Alexander Garcia

DOWNLOAD 537 MB Part 1

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8 Responses to Colombia Map v 1.0 Beta

  1. Guest01

    Official page of the author https://almasetutoriales.wixsite.com/workmap, it works in 1.32 version, great map, similar to real routes of Colombia, great work!

  2. LordKall

    Al parecer estan haciendo un buen trabajo. Bien por eso y de antemano les agradezco. ya quiero probar la Beta. y a la espera de mas info

  3. Luke Evans

    doesnt work it just crashes while loading the mods

  4. Simul82r

    how do you use part 2?

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