19 thoughts on “Coast to Coast v 2.7.1

  1. Hi, thanks for the great content. Im writing this as im playing (tabbed out) to let you know.

    There is some invisible “obstacle” that prevents me driving through on a highway. Its the Highway 70 from Oakley to WaKeeney, right next to the Exit 94 before the bridge from the intersection. I have some screenshots taken so where i could post them for you to know where it is. I took a serious “stop” from going over 65 mph straight to 0 and damaged me reasonably good lol

    1. topsidewolf697

      shall i download this or not?

    2. Post it on the SCS software forum of this mod so the owner knows. As this site just steals and uploads peoples mods.

    3. Ya, this was the case in an older version as well somewhere in Florida I ran into an invisible wall and another place as well. I hope they fix this.

    4. ### cares that you tabbed out.

  2. Fuzail Khan

    Hi Can you make an update to this mod which can you make loads for ownable trailers

  3. The Travellers (Australia)

    no file to download

  4. I have tried downloading this and it is a rar file witch does not work with American Truck Sim.

    1. you need to extract the .scs file from the rar

  5. Why does my game crash when I get near the border to go into a C2C state?

    1. Because the mod is a complete mess.

  6. ERROR garage prefab not found!! (liberal) how that you still didnt fix this???? amazing. .. .

  7. Please-someone do more detail for South Florida,and,GET RID of the dumb hills/mountains in South Florida,lol.Looks strange.

  8. Other than my first comment,this works great.And yes,there IS a spot,I believe it is the same one previously commented on,that stops you dead in your tracks,lol.But,just back up a bit and go around it.

  9. When Washington is released on June 11th,how will it affect my mods??ie:C2C,etc-as I have a garage in Kennewick,Washington????

    1. because everything will be a disaster … the garages of the coast to coast, the one of canada, the one of mexico will cease to work to you … that is what has happened to me … to see if a genius of these has to good will to fill everything and we can continue playing happy

  10. dam game crashes

  11. David Henry

    My game crashes @ certain places, the truck falls into the ground before turning off.

  12. entering into Utah the welcome to Utah sign is in the middle of the road, you cant drive thru it

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