Coast to Coast Map v 2.5

Updates to Texas by Shirblackspots, Colorado by Bobtavenger and Mississippi by Mantrid.

Compatible with ATS v1.31.

NOTE: NM DLC is required



16 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v 2.5

  1. TomDooley

    Oh joy. Another mod with unnecessary map expansions that are notorious for game crashes, rather than waiting for SCS to release more map expansions in the continental USA. It’s becoming increasingly daft from the repeated, wasted efforts on map expansions that are seriously unwanted.

    1. Deputydawg

      Just because you don’t want them doesn’t mean others don’t as well. There are plenty of users who enjoy c2c otherwise I doubt the creator/contributors would’ve continued updating it.

      1. Think we need to give TomDooley a word on the forums, since he’s becoming seriously mental on these mods. Just because he’s done mods himself before, including the Pete 579 and the Kenworth T680, doesn’t mean he should talk like a troll around.

    2. LOL!!! Your funny Tommy, you make me laugh….

      I like the mods and maps, what the nay-sayers think don’t matter.

    3. They crash the game because maybe you are using conflicting mods…

      Tomdooly, why not try looking up Coast To Coast on the SCS Forum and see how great of a community that’s on the thread? Obviously this version of C2C that’s been uploaded on is stolen, Mantrid never uploads his mods outside of SCS Forum. So technically, you are the ##### here as you are downloading a stolen mod that’s bound to have errors…A solution is to go on the SCS Forum and look up coast to coast, to find the legit copy, and even confirm any true errors that are on the mod.

      Ranting gets you no where
      But having common sense and giving people a chance, does something in the community.

      Ranting and disliking mods (that you aren’t required to download) only ruins the community even further. Once again, one of the reasons you may be getting crashes and errors is because you have a incompatible mod, AND you’re downloading a map mod off of a #### mod site, which is a golden rule to NOT do.

      1. And finally, I shall add that I have made improvements and worked on C2C (w/ Mantrid) myself. So saying that this mod is “useless” and “waste of space” only adds as a disrespect to the work that I’ve done to this mod…Maybe I should call his “pete 579 upgrades” a piece of wasted space and see how he will react.

      2. Avery J Gage

        I have a question bout the mod. See i use to run this mod but i found it bland due to empty scenery and “Copy and paste” cities. i understand this map mod was probably a pain in the ### to make and time consuming. is there more scenery to this version?

        1. Mantrid’s actually in the process of redoing old states, he’s added new cities (Which are copy paste, but improved) to states such as Florida and Alabama in previous updates.

          This new version, 2.5, however, includes new scenery and cities (which are copy paste, but changed very much) to the state of Mississippi. There are also tons of improvements in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Most of it’s scenery is pretty bland over there for now as its a massive project, but all new cities and junctions in those states are NOT copy paste, they are all from scratch. As for Colorado, some new cities added there, Colorado has some great scenery right now (Excluding I-25 south of Colo Springs). I-70 East in Colorado may look a bit bland, but that’s realistic as it’s pretty bland in real life. But there are still cities and towns, so it shouldn’t be a huge problem.

          As for the upgrades I’ve made to this map, I have improved scenery in various areas. I’ve made a brand new scenic mountain pass along the notorious boring stretch of I-15 between Idaho Falls And Butte. I’ve added new mountains to I-90 between Butte and Missoula. Some cities have gotten multiple facelifts, such as Billings, Boise, Fargo, and Sioux Falls (Which has new buildings and better signs). Omaha has also gotten a signage-facelift by me.

          However, many other places in C2C are still pretty bland, such as Tennessee. But overall, many places are getting a re-do that they deserved, and there’s one state getting a upgrade by Mantrid in every update.

          1. Tolans2003

            Hey why did you guys remove Watonga Oklahoma….I actually used to live there believe it or not and was like ### then right before i got there i saw this new update replaced the beta version and poof no more Watonga.

    4. Tom when is the Peterbilt 579 is coming

  2. Canaan123

    what is the DLC NM???

    1. DLC = Down Loadable Content
      NM = New Mexico

      And C2C is a awesome addition to the game, install it!

  3. I can never get the C2C mods to work on my computer the game will always crash when booting up. can someone help me

  4. @Ways71 – I uploaded it with my link as I knew someone else would upload it if I didn’t.

  5. i agree with tom … this is a #### and waste of space in the ats game

    1. There is nothing wrong with CTC. The Czechs make one state for one year! Will you wait for 40 years?

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