Coast To Coast Map v 2.3.2

C2C_v2.3_No_DLC – connect if there is no DLC New Mexico
C2C_v2.3.2_DLC_Required – connect if DLC is available New Mexico
Activate them both in the Mod Manager.



16 thoughts on “Coast To Coast Map v 2.3.2

  1. cristiannarcis79
  2. Garfy Cole

    The file says this is 2.3.2 but the scs file is still 2.3??

  3. this map crashes my game with the correct load order with and without viva mexico

  4. Friend.. don’t work!! without new mexico..

  5. I’ve tried twice through SCS to fix a problem with loading Coast to Coast into American Truck Simulator. I’ve even gone so far as to uninstall ATS and reinstall. Even if C2C is the only mod I load it still won’t work. All of the state outlines are there but no cities or roads. Since there are only two programs involved, it’s pretty obvious the problem has to be with one of the two. My vote is for ATS. Can anyone help me or give me some kind of direction? I’m out of ideas.

  6. Also langsam frage ich mich welche karten überhaupt funzen hier ,keine einzige die karte passt mit der ned zusammen mit der neuen version gibts aber erhebliche probleme ,dieser mist hier warum gibts keine karten die alle zusammen funktionieren ,mann mann ist das hiern elend ,schlimmer als bei ets2 wäre mal nett wenn hier wirklich einer mal ne zusammenstellung machen würde welche mit welche mappe zusammenpasst ,Ist ja wier wien puzzle spiel ,wofür habe ich denn überhaupt ats gekauft
    wäre mal nett zu überlegen wo was hinkommt ist ja grausam hier

  7. Generally, this map is boring as hell. Thousands of miles driving on highways, highways and more highway, no side roads at all. That’s why ETS2 is much better game than ATS.

  8. JayCadilak

    This is the worst mod of all time. Just…why?

  9. Gary Cole


    1. Can you fix the GIANT hill on I-76 outside Denver CO Thanks!

  10. Great map works flawlessly

  11. Bobby Salinas

    the fill is gone ive been trying to install it and it brings me to a page with no fill

  12. How do I download the mod? Then install it on American Truck Sim

  13. hi i was just wondering before i download this are all the bugs worked out am new with ats mods so dont want to havta download and the uninstall ats and start over..

  14. Whoever+developed+this+mod,+needs+to+put+more+effort+in.+Some+of+the+highways+have+little,+or+no+scenery+at+all.+I+like+the+mod+but,+just+seeing+the+road,+and+grass+is+boring.

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