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Coast to Coast Map v 2.2 Released (1.28.x)

Date 2017-09-18 09:11

C2C v2.0.2 for ATS v1.28 is released.
This mod replaces all previous versions
Adapted for 1.28
Fixed bugs

There are two scs files in the rar, activate them both in the Mod Manager.



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15 Responses to Coast to Coast Map v 2.2 Released (1.28.x)

  1. Colorado Springs előtt lefagy

  2. Colorado springs before frost.

  3. What maps is this compatible with?

  4. Dazlistic

    This file is not from original uploader, Mantrid this was uploaded by someone
    wanting to earn quick money from someone else’s hard work

  5. shaun

    On 2.1 I kept getting a crash in Colorado Springs. Was this fixed?

  6. Charles Ball

    This is a fake map, go to the SCS Forums to download the actual map.

  7. uploaded by “visitor”? who the heck is “visitor”?

  8. Mutri

    lots of road portion are missing. Bad job as some mission are impossible to finish due to closed road. What a mess !

  9. mike

    i cant find a safe place to down load w/o my antivirus blocking it or w/o a rar to unzip any suggestions.

  10. mike

    where is there a place to download this w/o pop ups even w/ a pop up blocker engaged and w/o a RAR or zipped file ty?

  11. shaun

    Will there be a patch soon so C2C can work with MHA again?

  12. Ethan

    Hey where’s the 1.29 version

  13. Donnie

    Is this map compatible with open beta 1.29? It crashes my game as soon as i load it!

  14. SortingHat

    Oops. I mean the real 1.29. 1.29 is not in beta anymore.

  15. Ryan J McMinn

    are u going to update for new mexico or does this version work?

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