Coast to Coast Map v 2.1 Released

It is mostly scenery additions in Florida along with the Colorado Springs area by bobtavenger.
There are two scs files in the zip, activate them both in the Mod manager (giving either higher priority works)
Tested 1.6



23 thoughts on “Coast to Coast Map v 2.1 Released

  1. WiredrawnMurder

    Great mod, however Canadream 2.2.1 is not compatible with it. All of the roads leading to Canada are no longer connected with any of the C2C roads.

    1. i would imagine that the new candream will be out soon this one usually drops first just hang in there bud :]

      1. WiredrawnMurder

        I don’t doubt that. My intention was not only to notify the author about an issue with an add-on for the mod, but also let others know they’ll either be trapped in Canada or unable to go back with this update =P

      2. me is all raod nicely connected, map works so far fine, seems you have wrong loading order I think

  2. ummm I’m using it with the canadream no issues at all

    1. WiredrawnMurder

      Hmm seems you’re right. Apparently the GPS mod I had (which was only supposed to change the textures of the GPS, which was why I didn’t suspect it) changed the entire map layout.

  3. Orlando route to Tampa crashes game.

  4. Trucker Steve

    watch that download link

    click add button to install extension popup, that is very hard to get rid of

  5. Mirandasman9497


    1. Problem is with v1.
      Didn’t know about v2.

  6. can include this map

    Viva Mexico Map 2.2

    if yes please include this

  7. Game Crash in Orlando.

  8. Finally made my way to Florida. Very impressed with the new scenery. Keep up the great work.

  9. How files should be stacked to work with Canadream?

  10. matt61998

    Couldn’t cross into New Mexico on Interstate 10.

  11. TheGamer_500

    Pensacola city in Florida?

  12. ive found a bug, every time i try to travel south out of denver the game crashes completly at the same spot

    1. yes this is very true they will hopefully be fixing it soon

  13. Eytan Ofir

    Hi whats better this or CanaDream

  14. my trailer dissapears randomly when i enter the coast to coast area

    Is this happening to anyone else??

  15. CalebTsmitH1

    Hey guys, my trucking company is based around champaign, Illinois. lol. Couple questions. One, could I-74 be put in here? I assume more and more roads are being put in here with every update, but I just thought it would be neat to drive on a road I drive on every day. Two, how often do updates for this come out?

  16. Serena Lexington

    It would be great if Colorado and Florida bugs causing the game to crash could be fixed someday…..
    Thanks for your work…


    heyhey hey tampa orlando kingsland oder map crash

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