Classic Cars AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.0


Pack adds in traffic 6 new AI cars:

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 ’69
Dodge Charger R/T ’69
Ford Mustang Boss ’70
Buick Skylark GSX ’70
Oldsmobile 442 ’70
Pontiac Firebird Trans Am ’78

All standalone.
For ATS version 1.0.x
Compatible with all my packs.


DOWNLOAD 4.3 MB [sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 4.3 MB [uploadfiles]

37 thoughts on “Classic Cars AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat v1.0

  1. Jazzycat good job ;) I most look forward to the trailer pack :D

    ps. sorry for my English :D google translate

  2. solaris36

    Love u Jazzy!!!

  3. Поскольку трафики от Jazzycat хорошего качества,лучше в следующий раз это всё вкладывать просто в пак легкового трафика (: ни к чему эти пакеты коллекционировать.

  4. I like the muscle cars. Could you make a Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger R/T AI car please :)

  5. nice work jazzy

  6. Thank you jazzycat. I really appreciate your work

  7. Awesome, thanks!

  8. awesome Jazzy :D

    tyvm for this great addition :)

  9. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FANTASTIC.Jazzy is the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. NICE, mod it’s perfect

  11. Camaro <3 .
    Jazzy king ;)

  12. Trucker Steve

    Ignoring the obvious troll – Trucker_bob

    So JazzyCat steals his own mods *laugh out loud*

    You do amazing work JazzyCat both in ETS 2 and now ATS

    1. RasputinV1Rukkert

      You are a bell sniffing moron to Steve

  13. BobbyCantho

    dont take the Fake Trucker_bob serious. Nice mod BTW.

    1. Trucker_bob

      who you calling fake you moron stop harassing me

  14. RasputinV1Rukkert

    thanks for the awsome mods! and Trucker_bob is noob (FAKE ONE)

    1. Trucker Steve

      your a #### head to

  15. jazzycat when you going to put trailers mods in ats then good work so far on the ai traffic mods

    1. BobbyCantho

      do you want to Skype with me some time??

    2. Trucker_bob

      we can Skype please??

  16. BobbyCantho

    ill Skype you if you want as well

    1. Trucker Steve

      your a moron

  17. trucker_bob

    also dose not bother me that you gotta try and pick on me for not doing nothng to you you are just mad for no reason

  18. RasputinV1Rukkert

    you can shut up to you little haggis eating moron

    1. ScottishNinja

      How about no? You’re so brave sat there behind your monitor.

  19. Horror_LP

    Jazzycat made his own musclecar pack! Now it needs planty of classic cras like the Hudson Hornet, the AC Cobra or other


  20. eliaknuj601

    Nice mod as always. Pretty excited on your Trailer pack, Jazzy!

    P.S. My god, this thread is full of 6 years-old keyboard warriors who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. HILARIOUS! Gonna mention the names just in case you don’t realize. Trucker_bob, Trucker Steve (who was respecful at first but went mad afterwards), and RasputinV1Rukkert. Have a nice day kids.

    1. RasputinV1Rukkert

      who you calling a kid you moron i’ll ##### slap you back to your mamma’s hole

      1. eliaknuj601

        You do realize that’s how kids on the Internet talk, right?

  21. eliaknuj601

    in other words fcuk off

  22. Thanks for this awsome pack Jazzy! And Hey, I see that also RasputinV1Rukkert also been copied by the same fake Trucker_bob, how funny is it? I think its the reason he stealing/using names coz of weird or funny names.. I just wanna say is, a kiddo still trolling and doesnt stop.

    Again Thanks JAZZY!

    1. ScottishNinja

      why do you keep on posting silly stuff? it is past a joke now. you and the other silly ones need to grow up take responsibility for what you post Trucker_Bob and the others who post

    2. Trucker_Bob

      i love you jazzy and i am so wanting your Skype

  23. ones again! Truckin awsome!

  24. Thank you and please more classic !

  25. Trucker Steve

    Just an update guys, i moved onto the 1.2 open beta of ATS

    Sorry to say, all 3 of the mods by JazzyCat causes my game to crash

    I did spend one hour, removed all my mods, and put them back one at a time, to find the mods that were crashing the game.

    Love the JazzyCat mods, but missing them in 1.2 open beta

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