2 thoughts on “Chrome Long Reefer Trailer

  1. Hey OveRTRucK, You make some realy nice mod! I have a special question for you, are you availaible to make a racing trailer for me please. I’m a race car driver and i would make my own trailer skin like my real trailer, but for this, i’ll need the base trailer and the .dds file for making my skin! I dont know how to create a trailer mod but you seem know it. Could you please make a trailer exactly like the nascar renegade trailer. If yes, give my the link for the skin and the trailer mod! Three chrome axle wheel, two door on the right side, one big full stanless back door! You could send my an email and i will give you some picture and more explication! Sory for my english, it’s my second language :P My email: [email protected] From: FontaineMotorsports #116 ;) Thanks you! ;)


    Great video using this trailer ENJOY!! https://youtu.be/zeB1fdH7OKo

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