Chris45 ATS Trailers Pack v 2.00 for ATS V1.31

Chris45 Heavy Trailers Pack for ATS (V2.00)
These are the Heavy Haulage Trailers from Chris45 Trailers Pack, Adapted to ATS


updated trailer steering axles for V1.31
added more trailers & cargos
reduced height on some cargos that woud not fit under bridge at san fran
added trailer cable support
added double trailers
added triple trailers

Tested on ATS V1.31

Authors: Chris45
Models: Chris45 / SCS Software

Chris45, SCS Software


3 thoughts on “Chris45 ATS Trailers Pack v 2.00 for ATS V1.31

  1. Chris,+can+you+add+this+package+to+traffic?nanoo

  2. The trailers still arent steerable

    1. There are no steering axles in Ats, only Ets2.

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