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Chris45 ATS Trailers Pack v 2.00 for ATS V1.31

Date 2018-06-06 09:14

Chris45 Heavy Trailers Pack for ATS (V2.00)
These are the Heavy Haulage Trailers from Chris45 Trailers Pack, Adapted to ATS


updated trailer steering axles for V1.31
added more trailers & cargos
reduced height on some cargos that woud not fit under bridge at san fran
added trailer cable support
added double trailers
added triple trailers

Tested on ATS V1.31

Authors: Chris45
Models: Chris45 / SCS Software


Chris45, SCS Software


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3 Responses to Chris45 ATS Trailers Pack v 2.00 for ATS V1.31

  1. Chris,+can+you+add+this+package+to+traffic?nanoo

  2. jack

    The trailers still arent steerable

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