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Chris45 ATS Heavy Trailers Pack v 1.0

Date 2018-03-18 10:57

These are the Heavy Haulage Trailers from Chris45 Trailers Pack, Adapted to ATS

Tested on ATS V1.30

Authors: Chris45
Models: Chris45 / SCS Software

Chris45, SCS Software


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5 Responses to Chris45 ATS Heavy Trailers Pack v 1.0

  1. I don’t where you call yourself “testing” this pack but I took a big white tank outtah San Fran and trying to cross the bridge it hit the supports and won’t go under so you better get to some more testing bud……..uninstalling smdh!

  2. ken howard

    Why British locomotives for American roads, you people are so stoooopid.

  3. Peterbilt445


  4. You cannot just get in your truck and drive! You have to do like REAL Heavy haul companies do. PLAN YOUR ROUTE.

  5. Mike Young

    I have a version of this from elsewhere without truck_standard.scs What does that add??

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