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Chevrolet Tahoe 2007 V3 1.40

Date 2021-05-14 09:24

– Realistic 5.3 L V8 engine (feedback appreciated)
– Realistic 4-speed automatic transmission (feedback appreciated)
– LED Strobes & Beacon accessory
– Interior accessories
– 6 rims
– 2 chassis (Rear-Wheel-Drive & All-Wheel-Drive)
– High-quality interior and exterior
– Endless colors in paintjobs along with some custom skins
– Can be attached with a trailer (Caravan)
– Excellent driveability and highway cruising


– Major edits and fixes
– Fixed headlights
– Fixed mirror
– Fixed Strobe LEDs
– New physics
– New sound
– Edited some materials
– Added more paintjobs
– Reconfigured engine (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured transmission (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured chassis (realistic specifications)
– Reconfigured tachometer animation and indicator delay

*Pressing F2 (for mirror) will crash your game as the modification has no external mirror model. You can however use it to adjust seats or lights*

*May crash if conflicting with some other car modifications*


Nimit, Elaman, obelihnio


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19 Responses to Chevrolet Tahoe 2007 V3 1.40

  1. Stephen Pullen

    Crashes the game

    • Hi
      Have you tried without any other modifications? Ex; another car or a truck mod?

      And let me also know your game version?

      • Marcc

        yes it still crashes without other car modifications

        • Kinda weird, as I’m on the latest game version w/ promods and it doesn’t crash. Try reinstalling the modification and disable other modifications as well to see if it still crashes.

  2. titikaka

    Crashes the game

    no another mods and latest version…

    • Hi
      Have you tried by reinstalling the modification? I’m not able to find root cause of random crash on some people’s game.

  3. Enes

    Game is chrashes

    …no another modification and latest version

  4. Enes Shabanali

    Crashes the game

    no another mods and latest version…

  5. hellreiser

    i cant fin it where dealer is it

  6. Bradley

    Crashes the game. Please fix.

  7. George

    Crashes game! Please fix it cause it has potential!

  8. Bradley Penisse

    Nimit, please fix the crashing? Also be great if you can bring us a classic 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer 4×4 V8 and also the latest 2017 Ford Falcon XR8. Oh also I would love to drive the newest Chevrolet Silverado and the 2001 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

  9. Danny

    Crash Fix (for meat least): Unistall mod … make sure the external Mirrors “F2” is off on both sides… Install mod… buy the SUV… and it should work

    Hope this helps.

  10. Danny

    EDIT: Crash Fix (for meat least): Unistall mod … make sure the external Mirrors “F2” is off on both sides with the last vehicle you used… Install mod… buy the SUV… and it should work. DONT PRESS F2 FOR MIRRORS, Cause it will crash your game

    Hope this helps.

  11. Cerberus jr.

    Truck is really cool. Like it a lot. And I don´t have any crash issues. Just a few things could use a bit of improvement if possible. When you look at your car from the outside (e.g. cam 2) it has a slight frame around it.
    The other thing if you pick the black Logo option, the rear logo doesn´t change with the front it remains the standard golden style.
    For the interior it would be cool to have an all-black edition option and the choice of leather (don´t know why but it has a slight green tint right now) or cloth for the seats. Keep up the great work. Much appreciated

  12. hzwastaken_

    Mod is great, although the engine sound could’ve been better… like a good-sounding V8 if possible.

  13. Jason Hale

    what dealer do you get it from

  14. walter

    Buenas alguien sabe en donde esta concecionaria para comprarlo…

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